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The Creative Contract

The Creative Contract

Are you nervous about onboarding a client coz they exhibit some red flags?

Are you having trouble in defining timelines, revisions and payment plans with your clients?

Are you uncomfortable setting rules and boundaries with your clients?


Are you afraid of confronting clients when they come up with new changes/requests while the project is ongoing?

The Creative Contract might be just the product for you. It takes the most common issues faced by creatives when dealing with clients and has turned it into a 20-point terms and conditions document.

    • Files include:

      • A document with 20 blurbs to include in your contract when on-boarding a client.
      • A one-page ‘How to use’ instruction manual that will help you amicably present this contract to client making you and your business seem highly professional.
      • An editable illustrator file where you can add client details, your details and the relevant terms and conditions.
      • The same file in pdf format
      • A jpg example of my own terms page from an actual project I worked on (Client name and business info has been edited to safeguard client privacy)
    • Refund Policy

      This is a digital product created only with the intention of helping fellow designers have an easier time running their business. So there is no refund policy per se. However if you are highly dissatisfied with the product, please email to

      If deemed a valid concern, I will surely try to help my best.  

    • Cancellation Policy

      Since this product provides instant access to the product once the payment is made, there is no cancellation request accepted.