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If you are here without ever visiting my homepage, no problem. I am going to spill secrets on how I created an engaging website for my audience. PS., None of what you are about to read requires a single line of code, so...

Before I begin my tips, let me preface these with one standard rule. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. All that I am about to share works best only if you know your audience inside out.

A short opener that clearly states what I do and for whom.  This sets the stage.

Bomb branding for businesses run by female entrepreneurs

A  Clear CTA that instantly prompts them to reach out to you. For me it is them contacting me, for product based business they could have a variety ranging from 'Browse Collection'/'Buy Now' etc.

An effective call to action that prompts my audience to contact me

Menu that matters. Menu is a CTA of its own so you need to keep it simple. Typically in service based industry, all that the clients care about is what you do, proof of work and how to reach you. If there are secondary stuff that you need to add but don't want to clutter the menu, consider using the footer for those.

highlighting the menu where all my primary action items are showcased for the easy access for my audience

Directly address their problems, the ones that you can solve so that they instantly know what they are getting and how valuable it is for them. Don't overpromise or brag about your capabilities here. Just address what pain points they are dealing with.

Describing the pain points of my ideal customer so that they feel understood

Offers in a platter. Let them know in a clear, concise manner what your offers are and let them dive deep into which one feels best. I have created individual page for each offer so that all their questions are answered in the same.

List of all services provided b Jay Design Studio including Full Spectrum Branding, One concept Branding, Brand Blueprint Consultation and Website Design

Another way to showcase your services, if you have more offers is showing just the titles and having a collapsible content below when hovered or clicked.

Time to show off, testimonials, features, they all belong in your home page but in the very end, coz they are the last piece of puzzle that your client picks before reaching out to you.

list of clients I have worked with and the media features about me showcased at the end of my home page.

Also, Adding a CTA in the very end with a witty punchline just might seal the deal for you. Don't you think?


  1. Keep offer pages as simple and direct as possible. At this point, client needs no wooing and party tricks, they are ready to buy so give them the details.

  2. Showcase your brand personality in your homepage through your copy as it will ultimately decide whether the audience stay or not. Your copy needs to be a love letter to your client

  3. Ensure that the work that you showcase is not merely images but tells a story, you want to show how your work transformed their business so include as many mockups/photographs as needed.

  4. Have a coherent visual identity! I thought this goes without saying but apparently not. A uniform colour palette, typography and visuals is key to making your website looking professional.

Okay now that I have covered everything that you need to focus on, if you feel dizzy or unable to give that focus for your website/branding...You know where to find me!


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