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Here are some Fashion branding secrets from the big brands that charge big bucks for the exact same product that you sell.

Okay there are over 3 Lakhs fashion companies across the world but we don't remember the names of all of them at the tip of our tongue. We remember 10 on a good day. So what are these 10 brands doing right that other brands are not?

Why are they able to easily charge a price that you can't imagine putting on your price tag? And what can you do TODAY to upgrade your brand from A brand to THE brand for your customers? Let's begin:

Know your customer:

Listen. I don't mind you designing for all but that factor alone is making your brand a supermarket for apparel and not a luxury brand.

So find a niche and trust me there are so many unfulfilled customers still out there who want deep pockets in their dresses and jeans that fit them just right. So don't tell me you don't know whom to cater to.

Tell your Story:

Sometimes, a customer is not attached to a brand because of its quality, problem solving or its popularity. Sometimes it is merely the story attached to the brand that reels them in.

Take a look at this branding that I created for Nancy Tyagi as a spec project.

She is the fashion icon that is celebrated purely because she has the most root-worthy story to tell. The story of rags to riches. And that story inspires people enough to identify with her and support her label...if she ever started one.

Create an Experience IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE:

You are under the impression that your brand is recognised by your logo but baby, that's far from the truth. Your brand is what your customer thinks of you and you need to make a good impression on them. So where does it start?

Your Actual Product:

Deliver what you promise. If you promise sustainable or biodegradable fabrics in your clothes, deliver on it. Don't trick the customer. This is exactly what is biting H&M and Zara in the back. 

Your Visual Identity:

I recently designed visual identity for a formal attire brand that promises 'Formal Fashion made fun' and caters to women of all sizes. This is what it's branding looks like.

I incorporated the custom sizing sentiment in the logo and the fun side of the brand into the brand colours.

All this coming together forms the impression in the minds of the customer and those who are drawn to your identity, come closer to know more about your brand.

Your Ambience:

When I say they come closer, it could mean that they are literally stepping into your showroom so nail the impression at this point. Every touchpoint matters.

  • Is your store interiors matching your brand identity?

  • Is there someone to welcome the customer with a smile? Or a champagne if you are going the extra mile?

  • Do you have a personalized stylist that can assist the customer with options and fitting?

  • What about the music and the fragrance in your store? YES, IT MATTERS.

Anything that the customer lays their eyes on should matter and be curated to make the experience best for them so they never think of stepping into a different store.

The Reveal:

Do you know how popular the term 'UNBOXING' is on the internet right now? If you think that is because of the suspense before the reveal of the product, you are mistaken. It is because the brands have understood that packaging is one of the most important touch points that a customer cares about.

Beautiful Wrapping Papers, gold foiled logo on the box, satin ribbons, thank you cards, loyalty cards, the tag attached to the outfit having a leather finish....all of these are key to elevating that customer experience and this customer experience is the reason brands are able to charge 20 -50 times more that what they spent in creating the product. 

Remember this. If you are selling clothes, you will charge for clothes. But if you are trying to position yourself as a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Gucci and so are not selling apparel anymore. You are selling status, experience and luxury and you need to brand your business to match those expectations.

Now, all brands don't follow the exact same recipe. If they did, they all would no longer be memorable. 

In order to curate a personalised experience for your customer, you need personalised branding and look how lucky your day is, I happen to be a brand strategist!


You can see my works here and contact me here. I cannot wait to create a bomb branding for your business!

I'll see you on the other side...OK BYEEEEE!

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