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Simpl. skincare as the name suggests is a modern rebrand of the original brand 'Simple Skin' originated in UK. The brand refresh is intended to match it's new mission of being seen as an inclusive and eco-friendly brand that is easy to use and encourages healthy skin over makeup and ever-changing beauty trends.


The brand was starting to seem like any other brand that is claiming to be ethical and earth friendly but is basically greenwashing. The brand had to seem ethical and eco-friendly in practices without seeming preachy and the main selling point of the brand had to be simple effective skincare for busy people who can't have a 12-step routine for their skin.


Based on the brand goals, we steered away from using green as the main colour theme and used all fresh and fun colours that would catch the attention of the target audience (Millenials looking for effective, easy skincare). The logo also matches the brand goals with a simple soft-edged sans serif text that looks bold to show its high effectiveness. We also came up with the tagline - 'Keep skin simple' and use a lot of handwriting typography is aesthetics and packaging to show the fun yet caring nature of the brand.

Logo Design-03.jpg
Logo Design-02.jpg
Logo Design-04.jpg
Logo Design-05.jpg
Box wrap packaging.jpg
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Serum mockup.jpg
Facewash tube.jpg
Moisturizer mockup 3.jpg
Facewash mockup.jpg
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