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Suhita Ayurveda is a clinic based in Bangalore, India. It is founded by Dr.Sandhya Lakshmi and she intends to not only serve through the clinic but also expand it into a brand that serves a wide range of audience in future through social media. 
The mission of the brand is to debunk the stereotypes and wrong information spread about Ayurveda in the commercial world and help people achieve a healthy lifestyle with the help of Ayurveda.


Client's biggest problem was ayurveda being confused with all things herbal, natural and vegan. Almost all ayurvedic clinics out there had green color in their branding to showcase ayurveda and the client wanted to steer away from that sort of branding because ayurveda is more than natural and organic products. It's a lifestyle.


Based on the brand goals, the brand vision and the personality of the brand owner, we decided to use brand colors that were not a norm in the Ayurvedic industry.
The brand stands out through its colors, yet brings a recall value to Indian ayurvedic practices through its typography and patterns.


  • Brand Naming

  • Brand Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Social Media Design

  • Signage/Lightbox Design

  • Stationary Design
    (Business cards, Prescription Letterhead)

Logo-White BG.jpg
Logo-Lilac BG.jpg
Logo-Blue BG.jpg
Logo-Lilac BG.jpg
Signage 2.png
Tall banner mock.jpg
Signage 1.jpg
Stationary for Suhita.jpg



I discovered Jayshree by accident and I must say it was most amazing blessing for me. I was clueless about my branding and my vision for my logo was hazy. Jayshree spent a lot of time with me understanding about my brand and my personality.  She delivered what I wanted exactly within a short time as I was on a time crunch before my brand launch. She's been nothing but amazing and accommodating to the challenges faced on the whole journey. If you want your brand vision to be clear and look better than you ever wanted, I would highly recommend Jay Design Studio.



Dr Sandhya Lakshmi 


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