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Hunan Masala is an Indo-Chinese food truck brand based in Florida. The brand owner Chirag Patel had one goal with this brand - To serve good fusion food. Since fusion food is not quite popular in that area, especially Indo-Chinese fusion, the brand has an advantage in the street food option. They wanted to target a wide range of audience but the central idea was to attract street food lovers who are looking for unique options in Asian Cuisine.


The brand prides itself for its authentic flavours and freshness of food. Their motive is to create food that is rich in flavour and brings a feeling of 'Home' in the minds of their customers. Our brief was simple. Like the food itself, the brand had to represent the right mix of traditional aesthetics with a modern twist.


Increased walk-ins, and event bookings for the food-truck and repeat customers that enjoy Asian street style food.


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The fusion of the two cultures were to be represented in each and every touch point so we did not miss the mark on that. We started with the brand name itself, moved on to take inspiration from major colour identitites of both india and China - thus using the reds and orange which also associates to represent the appetizing food served by the brand. We applied their best and most identifiable design styles into the logo, while maintaining a clean and modern look to the overall brand. The structural symmetry of chinese aesthetic and the elegant serif curves of indian style represent the authentic nature of the brand. The fun noodle twist, lotus bowl and the chopsticks are catering to the approachable nature and recall value of the brand.


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The brand applications designed for Hunan Masala were created with intention of impact and identity. We covered the basics with signage, staff apron and Menu card but we also added a couple finer touch points for the brand so that the customer can get a sense of personal touch.


From the initial discovery, we knew that foot traffic and repeat customers were essential for the brand to grow so we implemented a simple business strategy into the identity - Loyalty Cards. This inclusion was least invasive for the customer as it is shared in the back of the business cards but also rewards the customer for returning to the brand more than they usually would. 



"Jayshree always listened what we wanted and was always ready to show us the best direction for our brand. Everything [we received as branding] was perfect. Would 100% recommend Jay Design Studio to other businesses who need help with Branding."


Chirag Patel,  Hunan Masala,

Downtown, Florida, USA

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