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Updated: May 20

Hey there, fabulous boss babes! Today, I’m spilling all the tea on why brand photoshoots are an absolute must, and how you can rock one yourself! Grab your favourite drink, sit back, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of brand photography.

Why Are Brand Photoshoots Important?

Alright, so you might be thinking, "Why bother with a brand photoshoot when I can just slap some AI-generated images onto my website?" Good question! While AI is pretty cool and can create some stunning images, it can't capture the essence of you.

Your brand personality is unique, and it should shine through in every photo you share. When your photos are infused with your personal touch, they resonate more with your audience and make you stand out on major platforms like your website and social media.

Take my friend, Anagha Bhat for example. She's a business coach, and her photos were decent but lacked that wow factor. After a professional photoshoot, her images showcased her warm, approachable personality perfectly. It was like night and day!

the before-after transformation of brand photos for business coach Anagha Bhat.

Another amazing example is  Phyllis Strawder. Her photos scream bold, unapologetic, and genuine—just like her brand, Ghetto Country Brand Mother.

Brand photographs of Phyllis Strawder

Tips for a Successful DIY Brand Photoshoot:

Now, if you're up for a little adventure and want to try a DIY brand photoshoot, here are some tips to get you started:

  • MOOD BOARDING: Start by creating a mood board that encapsulates your brand's aesthetic. This will help guide the overall look and feel of your photoshoot, ensuring consistency with your brand identity.

Image reference showing ideas on the personality and vibe for brand photoshoot
  • OUTFIT STYLING: Choose outfits that align with your brand colors and style. For instance, I used a floral jumpsuit and a newspaper-printed sari that matched my brand’s vibrant and quirky vibe.

moodboard images showing ideas on styling and outfits with text that says 'styling and outfits'
  • PROPS: Choose props that align with your brand. I used Pantone cards with my brand color. Get creative!

  • LIGHTING IS KEY: Natural light works wonders. I had to time my shoot perfectly to catch the best light in my tiny balcony studio.

  • POSES: Consider your natural demeanor. If you’re shy, choose poses that reflect that. If you’re outgoing, let your photos be as vibrant as your personality.

Image references showing ideas on how to pose with text that says 'Poses and Props'

My Personal Journey

Listen! If you know me at all, I will always ALWAYS recommend you to hire a professional over DIY-ing your brand but I started my rebranding journey and I knew that I had to  put my education in photography [A whole year of it, might I add] and my design skills to good use.

So, I decided to do my photoshoot on my own in my tiny balcony studio. It was a struggle, not gonna lie. I styled my outfits, set up props, and figured out how to operate that camera after some trial and error (coz I genuinely forgot how to use it after 10 years...Please don't judge me). It was a labor of love, but the results were worth it!

Pictures of Jayshree from her Brand Photoshoot

Want to know how I pulled it off even though it could have been a complete mess? Watch this video:

Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

Brand photoshoots are crucial for presenting your authentic self to your audience. They help create a strong, relatable, and professional image. And If you are looking to cash in on your personal are missing out by not getting a professional brand photoshoot done!

Now did you know that even if you choose to DIY it, your brand designer can guide you on how to pull it off? 

Well, not all of them...some of them can. Like me. I can help you with your brand photography guide along with your entire branding. How cool is that? 

Oh come on, you really thought there is no pitch at the end? Anyways...

You can contact me via the link here. I am super excited to create a bomb branding for you! OK, BYEEEE!

Authors: Jayshree Sridhar and Dakshika Sharma

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